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Visitor and Newcomer Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I wear to worship services at Buck Mountain?

A. At the 10:30 service, most people dress up a little bit - say, business casual attire. The 5:00
service is "come as you are," from shorts and t-shirts to sweatpants or jeans.

Q. I have young Children.  What do they do during worship?

A. We love and welcome children at Buck Mountain! Your children may stay in the church with you for the entire service. Feel free to bring quiet toys and other amusements to keep your young child occupied.  If your child makes noise, consider it a gift to us.  That's how we see it.

Your child may attend Sunday school during the school year for the first part of the worship service, then re-join you in
church for the second half (which includes Communion). Children under two can stay in our Nursery Corner with an attendant.

Q. Do you always have Communion?

A. Almost always. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion at our church. If you are not baptized, or if for some reason you don't want to receive Communion, you may come forward with everyone else and cross your hands over your chest. This indicates to the priest that you wish to receive a blessing (a short prayer with her hand on your head) rather than Communion.

Q. How long are the worship services?

A. The morning service runs about an hour and 15 minutes. The evening services are about an hour.

Q. I am not sure exactly what I believe. Will I be uncomfortable in your church?

A. You will be welcomed.  There is no litmus test for believers at our church, nor is there a requirement to make a personal faith statement at any point in your spiritual journey. Ask questions and share your own perspectives.